Emerald Kalama Chemical is a leading provider of high purity flavour and fragrance ingredients. They have state of the art manufacturing facilities located in Kalama, Washington (USA), Widnes (UK) and Rotterdam (Netherlands). NCC have been working in partnership with Emerald Kalama Chemical on their Benzyl Alcohol NF-Parenteral and are the European Distributor for this material.

Taking Product Quality Seriously. Guaranteed Parenteral / NF / EP Grade

As a leading supplier of benzyl alcohol for pharmaceutical applications, Emerald produces Kalama Benzyl Alcohol NF-Parenteral to meet the demanding specifications and requirements of the current USP-NF and EP. Kalama Benzyl Alcohol NF-Parenteral is trusted for its high purity in a wide range of pharmaceutical applications worldwide, including injectable drugs, which must meet stricter controls and specifications versus standard NF ''pharma-grade'' benzyl alcohol. In addition to high purity, Kalama Benzyl Alcohol NF-Parenteral is carefully manufactured using a precise, validated process and is free of chlorinated compounds and added water.

Validated, Chlorine-Free Manufacturing Process

The production and testing processes for parenteral grade benzyl alcohol must be carefully controlled and validated to ensure the highest purity, consistency and quality. Emerald controls every process, equipment and material that touches Kalama Benzyl Alcohol NF-Parenteral. The validated, chlorine-free manufacturing process ensures that every batch meets the highest standards form quality and purity. Furthermore they go beyond parenteral requirements, testing to confirm no detectable endotoxins and low particulates.


For further technical information please contact our Global Development Director, Michael O'Callaghan on email mocallaghan@ncc.ie or by phone +353 1 6131400

You can download product information on Benzyl Alcohol NF-Parenteral here