Fi Europe brings together the world's leading food and beverage suppliers, research and development, production and marketing specialists and showcases the most diverse range of new and innovative ingredients and services.

NCC Product Managers will be delighted to meet with you there.  We have developed a Health and Wellness platform which is focused on clean label, natural ingredients and shelf life extension. NCC is extending the ingredients in this range continually and is working with key suppliers to support these important trends.

NCC provides a Consultative Service to clients incorporating:

  • Research based smart sourcing
  • Access to a global network of ingredient manufacturers including regular site visits and undertaking of preliminary paperwork audit
  • In house experienced research staff with the most up to date market knowledge and technical expertise
  • In house supply chain team
  • Dedicated Quality and Compliance team
  • Experience and regular involvement in RFQ’s at local and global level
  • Bespoke evaluation of Brexit supply chain risks

The benefits to our clients then include:

  • Confident engagement with leading innovators enabling management of multiple vendor potentials
  • Improved inventory management by NCC proactively driving optimal materials management in planning and execution
  • Improved product stewardship as NCC operates to Good Trade and Distribution Practice
  • Cost reduction as NCC introduces efficiencies to the supply chain
  • Improved documentation compliance as NCC intervenes earlier in the supply chain
  • Reduced paperwork as NCC helps optimize process efficiencies

If you wish to have a consultation with NCC to discuss your business please contact us