NCC was founded in Dublin on the 28th of August in 1969 by Denis Looney. Having realised that there was a gap in the market in Ireland for sourcing chemicals, Denis Looney named his company The National Chemical Company (NCC) and brought in International equity partners. Denis’s son Alan took over the running of NCC in 1985 after the unfortunate early passing of his father and returned the business in a buyout to full family ownership in 1989.

Major company growth, from 1990 to present day

In the 1990’s under Alan’s direction the company grew not only in size but in its product offering. Going from sourcing traditional industrial chemicals to highly specialised Pharmaceutical Solutions. In-house compliance and logistical expertise were developed so as to meet the requirements of the emerging Life Science business in Ireland.  In 1999 NCC was a founding member of PlusChem, an international  alliance of specialty chemical distributors. Expanding its reach further, in 2005 the company set up a subsidiary in the UK (Natchemco). Once again seeing a gap in the market, NCC in 2009 invested in a joint polymer compounding venture; Innovative Polymer Compounds (IPC). Certified to ISO 13485 and based in Ireland’s midlands in Co.Westmeath, IPC serves the global requirements of the Medical Device Industry.

NCC has grown to become the largest Irish chemical supply chain partner and now with extensive in-house sourcing expertise offers a full portfolio of products and solutions. Main markets include; Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Food Production, as well as Agrochemical, Mining and Industrial markets.

Reflecting on 50 years in business

CEO, Alan Looney in recognition of NCC’s milestone stated “Reflecting on the history of NCC it’s incredible to see how far we have come with the help and trust of our customer and supply partners in those 50 years. I believe that the experience, expertise and dedication to customer service of our employees has been critical in delighting our customers during this time. I am excited about the prospect of what the next few years will bring as we continue to enjoy growth and expansion.”

About NCC

Founded in 1969, NCC is an established leading raw material and sourcing specialist with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. NCC’s customers include some of the largest companies in the world and suppliers are amongst the most respected. Markets serviced: Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Food Production, as well as Agrochemical, Mining and Industrial markets. Certified to ISO 9001:2015, Repak and the Responsible Care Programs including Good Trade and Distribution Practise (GTDP). In addition, NCC is assessed to SQAS. NCC is a regular recipient of industry awards including; Global Supplier of the Year Award from a major Pharmaceutical multinational and is a Deloitte Best Managed Company for the last seven years.


Media Contact

Kieran Lombard – Marketing and Communications Manager