The UK is due to leave the EU March 29th 2019, between now and then uncertainty and volatility will abound. Soft or hard border, weak or strong sterling, is your business vulnerable? What steps should you take, by whom and by when? Ask yourself five simple questions, if you have the answers great, if not contact NCC, you have nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain


1. Is your sourcing secure?

NCC has built up over fifty years solid and sustained producer relationships across the globe. We don’t rely on just one but many sources and many countries. 


2. Is your supply chain vulnerable? 

Do you source from the UK? Could your business handle additional cost and unexpected delays? We work in partnership with customers to develop the most reliable and competitive routes possible


3. Is regulation change an issue for you?

New trading regulations are inevitable, they may end up being simple or just may become a nightmare – has your current source allowed for this and communicated to you the solutions? NCC’s in-house regulatory and compliance department enables us to provide support and expertise when it comes to navigating regulations, including REACH registration.


4. Is your current customer service under threat?

Hard or soft BREXIT will mean change, will your current suppliers maintain levels of service or do you have doubts? NCC’s is a trusted partner who is equally passionate about the success of your business. Our approach is a personal one, going above and beyond the industry norm.


5. Is your supplier base BREXIT ready, have you asked, have you checked?

Even if you have received assurances from your current supplier, ask yourself the question, what if? Have you considered an alternative, have you a back stop? With over 50 years of experience in international trade, NCC moves thousands of products across the globe in a time proven effortless manner with alternatives at every stage to ensure that you the customer receives your order in full and on time. 


Peace of mind?

If your company has prepared and covered the sourcing, logistical and regulatory challenges BREXIT poses, then take pride and look forward with confidence. If not we at NCC can help. Our in-house experts work directly with customers to create a customised strategy that seeks to find the most reliable, competitive and efficient solutions. With facilities in Ireland, UK as well as a global presence we can navigate, source and deliver a full portfolio of products, so that your company can focus on doing what it does best. Even if you have made those preparations, why not test them before year end – it costs nothing and just may save you a fortune. For further information on how NCC can help your company address BREXIT supply chain challenges, fill out the form below or email:



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