We value our customer partnerships. Our motivated teams use their expertise to deliver unparalleled service

Services Overview

We strive to learn more about your business to enable us to deliver a customised service. With expertise from different disciplines we are responsive and reliable in serving your business needs.

Our People

NCC employs the best people. We train and develop them to deliver first class service. We reward this performance and retain our people to deliver the widest expertise in the marketplace. We have a team of 28 people located in Ireland and the UK. Our core competencies are smart sourcing, supply chain management, quality assurance, compliance and sales and marketing.

Distributors Network

In addition to our internal resources we have an extensive global resource network of suppliers and alliance partners to call upon as required. This aids us become your global partner and deliver end-to-end tailored solutions.

Sourcing / Product Procurement

In the process of sourcing raw materials, we actively seek out and select quality driven manufacturers. One of our main strengths is our ability to manage the supply chain for our customers. NCC has over 45 years of experience in the life science industry. This knowledge and experience gives our customers peace of mind when it comes to the supply of raw materials in all sectors that we service. 


Over the last number of years our offering to the markets that we serve has evolved and is now based on a consultative style approach. We offer many additional services to our customers, some of which we have detailed here. We are always open to new enquiries and would be happy to start a conversation with you about your business needs and how we can help.

Operations & Logistics

NCC is vastly experienced with transportation on a global scale. We assume full responsibility for the delivery of our goods and procure the best quality, most flexible transport partners to ensure we deliver in a timely and cost efficient manner.


For the warehousing and distribution of packed goods we have strategically located third party warehouses in Ireland and the UK. Our main contract warehouse in Dublin is Seveso Top Tier certified (since 2002) which offers us the extra capability of safely storing large quantities of hazardous product.

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