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NCC announces Chinese native speaking employees and webpage

With the world becoming ever more connected, clear communication is essential when it comes to conducting business. Facilitating NCC’s continued growth and sourcing expertise the company has long had the capability to communicate in a multitude of languages. Building on this we are pleased to announce that NCC now has Chinese speaking employees.

In addition, we have launched a Chinese webpage, this will provide further clarity and information to our Chinese speaking online visitors. Alan Looney, NCC Managing Director stated,

“With a considerable amount of the world’s chemicals being manufactured in China, we believe it is important to strengthen our business by employing Chinese native speakers. In doing so, we will continue to offer the most complete range of speciality products and the highest levels of service that our customers have come to associate with NCC.”


随着世界越来越紧密的联系,在进行商业活动时,清晰的沟通是必不可少的。 为了促进NCC的持续增长和增加采购专长,该公司保持长期有能力用多种语言进行交流。在此基础上,我们很高兴地宣布NCC聘用了会中文的员工。

此外,我们亦推出中文网页,为中文访客提供更清晰的资讯。NCC执行董事Alan Looney表示:


About NCC

Founded in 1969, NCC is a leading raw material and sourcing specialist with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. NCC’s customers include some of the largest companies in the world and suppliers are amongst the most respected. Markets serviced: Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Food Production, as well as Agrochemical, Mining and Industrial markets. Certified to ISO 9001:2015, Repak and the Responsible Care Programs including Good Trade and Distribution Practise (GTDP). In addition, NCC is assessed to SQAS. NCC is a regular recipient of industry awards including; Global Supplier of the Year Award from a major Pharmaceutical multinational and is a Deloitte Best Managed Company for the last seven years.


Media Contact:

Kieran Lombard – Marketing and Communications Manager


NCC成立于1969年,是一家领先的原材料和专业化学品的采购专家,总部设在爱尔兰都柏林。NCC服务于一些世界上全球知名公司以及供应商。我们服务于制药、医疗设备、食品生产以及农业化学、采矿和工业市场。公司已通过ISO 9001:2015认证,原料药的贸易及经销体系认证。



基兰·隆巴德- 市场媒体经理

NCC - National Chemical Company