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We supply raw material and supply chain solutions to a full range of different markets. Working closely with established reputable manufacturers and supplies, we source our solutions from Europe, Asia and the Americas. Employing a research centric approach, our effective and innovative solutions match the exact requirements of our customers. In addition, we are a founding member of the international network of independent suppliers, PlusChem. NCC has the expertise and experience to assist your company with its sourcing requirements.


Working with some of the largest global pharmaceutical companies, we provide efficiencies and solutions that solve our customer operational supply chain challenges.
Market Solutions - Pharmaceutical
Biopharma lab


We work with some of the largest global pharmaceutical companies, providing efficiencies and solutions that solve our customer operational supply chain challenges.

Medical Polymer

Providing a comprehensive range of technical polymer and additive materials for supply to the medical device and healthcare sectors.
Market Solutions - Food Ingredients

Food Ingredients

An award-winning leader in sourcing food ingredients, we have a deep understanding when it comes to the production of food. Covering the full spectrum of the food ingredient marketplace, we assist and provide expert guidance at every stage. From development right through to full mass production.


From absorbents through to solvents, base chemicals as well as minerals, an extensive range of industrial chemicals is on offer.
Market Solutions - Industrial Solutions
Market Solutions - Agriculture


A full portfolio of solutions is provided to the agricultural sector including fertilisers, pesticides, solvents, edible fats and oils.


Regardless of the application, our portfolio of cleaning chemicals will match your exact requirements. From pharmaceutical manufacturing cleaning, right through to fabric and textile cleaning, we can assist your company.
Market Solutions - Cleaning
Market Solutions - Construction & Mining

Construction & Mining

Our innovative range of chemicals that are used in the mining and construction sectors are industry leading.

Water Treatment

We provide a comprehensive selection of speciality chemicals that are designed specifically for water treatment.
Market Solutions - Water Treatment