Brexit – NCC’s contingency plans

Brexit – NCC’s contingency plans

The UK membership of the EU ended on 31st January 2020, however the actual final date for all trade and security agreements is currently set for 31st December 2020. To date, much uncertainty still remains with little time remaining and no concrete plan. Unless the deadline is extended or a deal is worked out between the UK government and the EU, a hard Brexit is looking likely.

A hard Brexit would mean that the UK and EU would apply tariffs (WTO rules) as well as other trade restrictions. In addition, there would probably be delays in transporting goods, bureaucratic challenges relating to differences in standards as well as other obstacles.

Our contingency plans

NCC has taken steps to ensure that whatever the outcome of Brexit is, we have plans in place as to manage the challenges and mitigate the risks. We have registered companies in both the UK and Ireland and our transportation and warehousing network enables us to alleviate the potential impact of Brexit regardless of the final outcome.

We have reviewed and analysed our supplier network and are confident that we can continue to deliver the same high levels of service. We also possess significant in-house expertise in smart sourcing in the event that a new supply channel solution needs to be developed and managed. In order to ensure your company is Brexit ready, it is recommend that you ask yourself these five simple questions. If you have the answers great, if not contact NCC, we would be delighted to assist you meet the challenges ahead.