Experts in the procurement and supply chain management of chemicals

We help you, our customers, innovate and become more profitable. We do this by sharing our expertise in the smart sourcing and supply chain management of chemicals, technical polymers and food ingredients.

At the National Chemical Company (NCC) we wish to not only meet our customer’s expectations but to exceed them, whilst keeping Health, Safety, Environment and Quality aspects at the forefront at all times.

NCC is a leading raw material and sourcing specialist. We supply a comprehensive range of materials and ingredients to the life science, polymers, food and industrial sectors in Ireland and the UK.

In the process of sourcing raw materials we actively seek out and select quality driven manufacturers from across the globe. One of our main strengths is our ability to manage the supply chain for our customers. We have over 45 years of experience in the life science industry.

The knowledge and experience among our team of experts gives our customers peace of mind when it comes to the supply of raw materials in all sectors that we serve.

Natchemco is our subsidiary in the United Kingdom. James Bliss has been managing our UK business since 2009. The core focus is in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors, Agrochemicals (particularly Chelates) and Oil Industry Catalysts.

NCC Ireland acquired the business of Norman Lauder Ltd., a competitor operating in the Food and Pharmaceutical markets in May 2010 adding further expertise to the business.

Global Reach

We have affiliate partners throughout Europe, China, Japan, India, South Africa and North and South America. We have achieved this global reach through our PlusChem network of independent distribution companies. NCC is a founding member of PlusChem and utilises the full resources of the Group to deliver ‘’Smart Sourcing’’.

Our team regularly travel to China, India and the USA to visit our global manufacturers. We also attend the main international trade shows on your behalf and are constantly vetting and selecting quality driven producers that will deliver cost savings to you.

We would be delighted to hear from you and discuss your requirements. We look forward to demonstrating how we can use our knowledge and expertise to simplify and strengthen your supply chain.